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For updos and formal hair stylying make sure to come with clean dry hair. Please wear a shirt/ top that buttons up the front so nothing has to go over your head once the hair is completly styled. For color and cut's your hair will be washed regardless so your only stipulation is to show up on time and enjoy the experience. Makeup clients please have a clean, washed face with no makeup and your moisturizer of choice already applied.


Did you know? Hot water can remove color. The sun can dry out your hair. So protect and treat it as if it were your skin. Wash and condition it properly. Invest in the right products to keep your hair healthy and happy. Don't live with the consequences of applying a bottle of color to your head just to save a buck. Professional color was made to strengthen your hair and provide it with a gorgeous and long lasting shine so let me show you the difference, don't try to figure it out on your own.


Although it may be what I do as a profession, achieving the same style with your hair as I did, is completely possible. Dont know how to do that beachy wave? Just ask! Im always here for your questions and or confusion! I want you to feel just as beautiful every single day as you do the minute you leave the salon.

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