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hair painting

  • Balayage 

  • Accent Balayage  


     All Balayage services include a proper consultation, personalized gloss or toner, bond protector and SMS signature blowout.

Starting at $175

Starting at $100


  • Color Melting 

  • One Color Touch Up

  • Full Single Color

  • Gloss / Toner

  • Shadow Root

Starting at $ 75

Starting at $ 69

Starting at $ 79

Starting at $ 39

Starting at $ 39


  • Baby Lights 

  • Partial High/ Lowlight

  • Full High/ Lowlight

  • Foiliyage

  • Additional Color Use

  • Corrective Color 

Starting at $ 99

Starting at $ 79

Starting at $ 99

Starting at $125

Starting at $25

Starting at $ 200


  • Short

  • Medium

  • Long

  • X-Long


     All cuts include SMS signature blowout

Starting at $ 39

Starting at $ 49

Starting at $ 59

Starting at $ 69


Starting at $ 39

Starting at $15

Starting at $ 19

Starting at $ 39

Starting at $ 39

Starting at $ 39

Starting at $ 250

  • SMS Blowout

  • Curl/ Wave Add On

  • Basic Conditioning

  • GK Deep Conditioning

  • GK Keratin Blow Out

  • GK Color Sealing

  • GK Keratin Treatment

Service Definitions

Balayage: Also called hair painting, this technique is where color is applied freehand to the surface of hair. The color is “hand swept” by the colorist from mid-shaft to ends, creating soft depth, which differs from traditional highlights that are applied from the base of the hair.

Ombre: uses the balayage technique to paint color onto the bottom half of the hair length. (Balayage is the technique; ombré is the look.)

Accent Balayage: A few painted panels to add depth, brighter or darker to ones existing or natural hair color.

Bowlayage: Hair painting for depth and contrast added around the hairline applied and processed on hair at the shampoo bowl. 

Color Melting: A technique that blends highlights with the base color of your hair so there's no harsh lines or clear distinction between the different colors.

Base Touch Up: Applied only to the new growth usually to cover grey or blend the older grown out color. Typically about 1-2 inches of the hair is colored as opposed to all the way through the ends.

Full Single Color: A color that the stylist applies all over the head, from root to tip. It is a one-dimensional color that looks uniform throughout.

Gloss: This formula is applied all over and adds shine and semi-permanent color that typically lasts for up to two weeks. Some glazes are clear, which you can think of as a top coat for color. Glosses and glazes can also provide intense conditioning and often help repair damage to hair.

Toner: Similar to a gloss this is a  semi-permanent color is applied to damp hair to even out and soften or brighten certain hues of the hair.

Pre-lighten: Having to lift the hair level to a bright enough color to be able to deposit another color for a brighten effect. This is typically done with darker hair wanting a more vibrant outcome with the final color. 

Fashion Color: Usually referred to an "unnatural" color deposited on the hair such as neons, pink, purple etc.

Baby Lights: Delicate highlights created using a very fine hair color technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair color. Much smaller, finer pieces of hair are taken to create softer dimension.

Partial Highlights: These highlights are placed around the face and on the top layers of the hair only. Usually in foils taken all the way up to the base of the hair.

Full Highlights: Like it sounds, the highlights (foils) are applied to every section of your head, from the nape of your neck to the top hairline including around the face and top layers.

Lowlights: A technique that darkens strands of hair (rather than lightening them). How it looks: This can add depth to hair, which gives the illusion of more volume, and is often paired with highlights in order to add even more dimension.

Foiliyage: Using foils to create a balayage effect.

SMS Blowout:​ Including a wash, hot towel and signature blowout by one of the trained SMS stylists including a full round brush styled look for the day.

Basic Conditioning: Applied at the shampoo bowl to wet hair and blow dried in, this basic conditioning treatment will strengthen the hair coating it with added proteins lasting up to two weeks. 

GK Deep Conditioning: Using the patented Juvexin protein from GK hair this deep conditioning treatment will be processed for up to 30 minutes under heat to strengthen the hair from the inside out lasting up to 4-6 weeks. 

GK color Sealing: Extend the vibrancy or any service with this treatment, applied at the bowl and sealed in with heat to extend the life of your color service. (Please note: this will add approximately 30 minutes to your service).

GK keratin Treatment: Infused with the patented Juvexin keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for restoring hairfrom the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. This keratin treatment will help to smooth hair curl patterns and tame frizz lasting up to 3 months with proper at home care maintenance.

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